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A word that illuminates your commitment and sets the scene for your relationship. Getting engaged to the love of your life should be the most exciting thing ever, but it can also bring up a lot of stress and an overwhelming amount of planning. Good news, you are  not alone!

Engagement parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers, the actual wedding day...The events leading up to your big day can seem like a huge undertaking, especially when you have no idea where to begin. And that's where I swoop in to save the day! I'm here to take your wildest fantasies and create a customized concept to reflect you and your partner for your special events. So sit back, pop the champagne and celebrate your engagement!

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WHAT to expect

You may have started on this journey because (like me) you thought wedding planning would be a piece of cake, until you really started digging in and realized very quickly that you were wrong. And that's totally okay! There is SO much that goes into a wedding that most people never even dream of, so that's why we're here. To take on this crazy exciting time  together.

Maybe you have a theme in mind already, maybe you have 100 themes or maybe you want your bridal shower to be a totally different look than your actual wedding. Whatever you need, I'll help make it happen! I'll sit down with you (virtually or IRL) and chat through all of your ideas + ask all the tough questions to create a tailor-made event concept. From there, I'll work up an event concept design to help you invision exactly what your event will look like and how it will work.

With extensive research and coordination, I'll provide you with the right resources to get everything you need set for your event. 100 custom napkins with your doggos face? Done!I'll include everything down to the tiniest detail, taking the pressure off of you. If you are just dying to chat about  other wedding or event topics, or need help picking a venue or how to uninvite someone (it happens) - I'm here to be your advisor & dream maker!

SERVICES offered

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Creative Minds UNITE

Are you a photographer/event professional looking to collab on a styled shoot? Let’s connect! I’d love to brainstorm and execute some dreamy shoots with you. Or maybe your client just needs some direction with wardrobe styling for their shoot, either way I am here to help!

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